Why Lexon Loyde

We combine the best people, processes and technology to consistently achieve excellent results. We offer customers multiple advantages.


We understand the importance of timing, of getting there before the competition. Tried and tested methodology ensures that we follow a low risk path to achieve results. Our track record is testimony to the complex projects delivered on time or before the scheduled delivery. According to Standish Group estimates, only 26% of worldwide projects were done on-time/onbudget. Since our inception, more than 90% of Lexon Loyde projects have been completed within schedule.


Quality at Lexon Loyde is not only measured by the finished project, but in every step we take to achieve that end. We very strongly believe in providing world-class quality products and customer service. This attention to quality and service is a major reason in attaining new clients, as well as retaining existing clients. We are continuously growing even when other companies are facing hard times due to recession. At Lexon Loyde, quality is the lifeline of our business.


Our team combines cutting edge technology skills with rich domain expertise. We share a strong customer orientation by actually listening to the customer. We are focused on coming up with solutions that serve our customers requirements today and in the future.

A Full Service Portfolio

We offer customers the advantage of being able to Architect, Integrate and Manage technology services. This means that they can rely on one, fully accountable source instead of trying to integrate different multi-vendor solutions.

The Human Connection

We have a team of go-getters consisting of business analysts and solution architects who are accustomed to working on cutting edge technology platforms. At Lexon Loyde, we go the extra mile and beyond by delivering cost effective solutions within a rigorous time frame and budget constraints.