Lexon Loyde Inc. is an Information Technology (IT) solutions firm, Incorporated in the State of New Jersey, with an emphasis on Software Solutions, IT Staffing, Network Services, and Hardware. Lexon Loyde is dedicated to dramatically improving the quality and effectiveness of our clients' IT resources. We believe we are best defined by HUMANITY:  from the people with whom we work, to our employees, who are talented, enthusiastic, dedicated and driven; from our clients, such as AT&T, Merrill Lynch, IBM, etc, who are highly impressed with our determination, as proven time and again when we are asked to perform a difficult task and we stand up and say WE WILL DO IT.  We make sure the job is done right, on time and as desired, moving heaven and earth if necessary to ensure our successful performance of the task. We work together as partners with Microsoft, Cisco, HP, Dell and VMware. Our values are built on Trust, Reliability, Focus, Dedication, Cost Effectiveness...  These are the reasons our customers rely on us for their requirements, and we are a long term partner of choice to give their businesses a competitive edge.