Lexon Loyde is a reseller of all types of Computer Hardware, Software and Accessories.  We design, build and customize products and services to satisfy a range of customer requirements from desktops, servers, networking equipment, and storage to computer hardware and software.  Some of our partners are IBM, Dell, Cisco, and Microsoft. Our staff at Lexon Loyde work hard to meet the needs of each customer with carefully tailored solutions based on industry-standard technology.  We deal directly with our customers in person, via the Internet or by phone, so our understanding of their needs is instantaneous. This enables us to effectively and efficiently deliver world-class products and services that keep our customers coming back again and again. Our exemplary customer service caters to everyone from the largest corporation to the home, getting repeated orders time and again.


"ZooM" is our reliable "Fast track Go to Street" solution that facilitates field sales on smart phones and rugged hand held devices. It is a scalable efficient solution that assists in updating the back office with real time data. ZooM's back office server can be integrated with legacy systems and ERP Systems for data exchange.