Application Support and Maintainance

In today’s tough competition, a business needs to be connected 24/7 to its clients and customers to ensure overall success and growth. With more and more companies depending on software applications for their day-to-day operations, the support and maintenance functions have become intrinsically important today. Understanding the urgency and critical nature of business operations, Lexon Loyde is committed to delivering quality application support and maintenance services to the business enterprise. With years of professional experience and commitment towards quality, we deliver off shore application support and maintenance solutions to businesses that run 24/7.

Application Support Services

Lexon Loyde, with years of proven experience and skilled expertise in offering effective enterprise solutions, extends a wealth of application support solutions. . From the custom software application to support and maintenance services, we aim to deliver the best solutions to our valued business clients. The services guaranteed by us are:

  • Monitoring and solving day-to-day issues in business operations
  • Maintenance of existing codes for the enterprise
  • Designing and developing important add-ins to the software application
  • Version control of application source code
  • Periodic documentation
  • Releases and periodic enhancements

With these extensive support services, Lexon Loyde aims to ensure hassle free and cost-effective business operations on a day-to-day basis.

Application Maintenance Services

Being a pioneering IT solution company, Lexon Loyde specializes in offering a wide spectrum of application maintenance services to help in maintaining a cutting edge over the competition. We offer three-tiers of software maintenance services to the business enterprise; Corrective, Adaptive, and Preventive maintenance solutions. With these application maintenance services, Lexon Loyde aims to reduce the Total Cost of Ownership for software maintenance for our business clients.

Why Choose Lexon Loyde?

Lexon Loyde offers end-to-end business application solutions to address software support and maintenance requirements for our clients. Capitalizing on our effective web based helpdesk tool, we facilitate bug tracking and chanes to client’s requirements for software organization. We have successfully deployed this tool for multiple clients. At Lexon Loyde, we apply technological advancements with responsibility and innovation, achieving two broader objectives to effectively address the issues of the business enterprises, and generat new opportunities to help them stay ahead of the competition.

With our effective software development, support and overall maintenance services, Lexon Loyde is an obvious choice for the modern business enterprise thriving on software applications. For more information on our application support and maintenance services, contact our software professionals today.