Enterprise Services

Enterprise Services

With respect to size and scale of operations, enterprise businesses insist on a well-defined process supported by robust application procedures. It becomes essential to have a definite integration of technology and business goals to derive lucrative ROI from technology investments.

With Lexon Loyde’s portfolio of enterprise services, businesses can adopt a holistic approach towards aligning business requirements with technology goals. Featuring strong technology applications, our services cater to various industry verticals and diverse business ecosystems. Backed by large scale technology accomplishments and years of committed experience, our team ensures rational processes, a competent workforce, and excellent customer satisfaction.

With customer-oriented work ethics and a consultative approach, we aim to maintain a practical approach to our customers expectations. Discover our diverse portfolio of Enterprise Services and see the difference we can make.

Custom Software Application

Founded in the year 2003, Lexon Loyde has many years of experience in custom application implementation and software application development for clients throughout different countries using diverse technologies. Lexon Loyde provides custom software application solutions in the area of web application development, desktop application development, e-commerce and mobile application development.

Enterprise Hand Held Applications

Our effective enterprise hand held applications provide the organization and its employees a synergized module that transforms and uses information at different levels in a seamless manner, utilizing zero technical resources and minimal IT infrastructure. With our hand held application, it becomes easier to monitor a route to the market, maintain total sales information, delivery information, asset tracking, inventory, and warehouse automation.

Mobile Application Development

Proliferation of mobile phones have opened up new avenues for businesses to explore. It has ushered in a need to stay connected to the business, with many enterprises equipping their workforce with smart mobile devices to derive efficiency and improved productivity for their processes. Lexon Loyde offers mobile computing solutions on diverse technologies that include Embedded VC++, software development, MFC, Microsoft Compact Framework, J2ME application development, and others. We are experts in delivering Mobile Client Server Applications, supporting direct printing, and working with wired and wireless modes like Infrared, GSM, GPRS, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi.

With these, and much more, Lexon Loyde guarantees tailored enterprise service solutions to clients, based on industry standards. By dealing directly with our customers, we ensure a complete understanding of their requirements, which enables us to efficiently and effectively deliver excellent products and services. We believe in offering our customers exemplary service so they would not want to go anywhere else.