IT Staffing

Lexon Loyde’s IT Staffing Group has a knowledgeable and experienced technical recruiting staff that takes pride in delivering great customer service to both their clients and their consultants.  The success of our IT Staffing Group is attributable to this dedication to both their clients and consultants.  Our clients understand that they are getting qualified consultants to complement their team, consultants who are hired directly by Lexon Loyde and a Recruiting Manager available around the clock for their staffing needs.  Consultants understand that they have tremendous growth opportunities, a continuous stream of challenging projects, and facilities to take them to the next level in their technology and career.

The IT Staffing Group meets with each of our clients to get a first hand understanding of the client and their needs. An interviewer and Recruiting Manager screen each candidate.  Finally, only the top candidates are presented to our clients.  IT Staffing is dedicated to making human resource tasks as light as possible for the client.  Staffing Solutions contract personnel, so that Clients who have specific projects, excess workloads or have the need to supplement their staff quickly can rely on our Contract Personnel.  Contract Personnel are at a client's site on an "as needed" basis. Whether the client's needs are long-term, short-term, or mission-critical, the Contract Personnel Supplied by LEXON LOYDE will get the job done.

Contract To Hire

Clients who have an immediate need to hire an employee, but don't have the time to go through their own human resource recruitment process choose our Contract To Hire service.  This serves many of our clients well, because it reinforces the client's decision to take the employee on a full time basis after seeing the employee’s work ethic first-hand.

Full time Placement

Most corporate human resource departments don't have a deadline oriented recruiting process.  A job order ages until it is filled, but the actual results must wait until this job order is filled.  This is why many clients look towards the IT Staffing Group to quickly supply them with the qualified candidates they need.